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Quivr is one of my ventures I am most proud of. I founded it in 2019 along with my brother. It was born out of our family cafe, Amherst Coffee + Bar which opened in 2005 in Amherst, MA.

When the COVD-19 pandemic hit, we created Quivr as a new outlet to provide cafe-quality coffee and tea products direct to peoples homes.

Since then it has grown into a lifestyle. Quivr is for the busy, but also for those who don't want to sacrifice quality or taste.

Our niche is quality meets convenience with all our products being the best examples possible that are also ready to go.

The Quivr Family - Zoe, Ash, Kylie, Arden and Mukunda
Quivr family - Zoe, Ash, Kylie, Arden and Mukunda

Quivr is a family-owned business that offers fresh small-batch nitro cold brew, innovative hot steeped coffee, natural body scrubs, and premium hot tea.

Part of our mission is keeping the integrity of the products we bring into the world. This means not adding anything artificial or sweeteners of any kind. All products are proudly additive and allergen free, made with only the best, real food ingredients.

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

Use code MATESWITHASH for 20% off

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