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How the "Grey Zone" can kill relationships!

In a relationship, be watchful of the Grey Zone. This is time spent together but not being present with eachother. These are times when you are in the presence of your partners but not fully or even partly engaged with them. It is a distracted state. Picture you both in the same room, but on your phone on social media, on a laptop working, or deeply involved in another solo task. You are like roommates in this state. Any conversation is shot, and distracted, your attention is elsewhere, and each of you are not being seen by the other. This is the Grey Zone.

Many couples spend a large percentage of their together in this state. Ove time it wears on a relationship. Passion dissipates. This can lead to growing apart and resentment.

I urge you to be aware of this Grey Zone. Acknowledge it. Mention it to each other when it is happening. Have the courage to physically remove yourself from each others presence when your focus and attention is elsewhere.

When you choose to spend time together, be present with one another, or not at all.



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