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What in the WHOOP?

Whoop is wearable tech that helps me monitor my training and recovery. It has been a big part of my life over the past few years. I especially use it to track my stages of sleep, and my recovery and waking hours have improved dramatically.

Ash Crawford on Whoop


WHOOP transforms how individuals understand their bodies. WHOOP is the only 24/7 wearable technology that measures the everyday stressors both inside and outside of work and training. WHOOP measures physiological data related to Sleep (quality, duration, consistency), Strain (internal load from external stress), and Recovery (readiness to perform). WHOOP uses these three key metrics to call out areas for improvements and reinforce positive habits.

My deal with Whoop gives my friends and family:


Measure Recovery WHOOP’s Recovery score gives you insights into your body’s mental and physical readiness, helping you to unlock and sustain peak performance no matter what challenges you face throughout the day.

Monitor Sleep WHOOP recommends your ideal sleep and wake times based on your own circadian rhythm, allowing you to optimize your sleep routines and improve next day performance, as well as providing you with detailed sleep data including duration, quality, efficiency and consistency. Quantify Strain/Stress WHOOP quantifies how hard your mind and body are working each day, allowing you to better understand and manage different stressors throughout the day.

My deal with Whoop gives my friends and family:

  • Free Whoop 4.0 strap + free month

  • Try Whoop starting for free - here.



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