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I've always enjoyed being creative. I love experimenting with myself, applying the things I’ve learned, and looking for new ways to improve all areas of life.


What does it mean to be our best self? To live a great life?

I am on a path of maximising fulfillment, happiness, longevity and peace.

And I hope to do it with strength, grace, and no regrets.

This is my journey. So far, so good :)


I began my journey in Sydney. I was born to an American mother from Los Angeles and a father from London. This combination fortunately granted me global citizenship.


I spent my formative years in Byron Bay, Australia. Surfing, playing sports, and getting into all kinds of barefoot mischief. 

I left Australia for America on a D1 golf scholarship at the University of North Texas and have been based in the US ever since.


I am the founder of Quivr, a coffee + tea company with my brother. We also run a cafe and natural wine bar together.

I am a social media expert and do ambassador work, consulting and strategy for brands.

Currently staying fit with Tabata Songs. and a small free weights set-up. Keto is a big part of my overall health journey and helps me stay fit and full of energy.

I've spent the past couple of years diving head first into Web3 and NFT's investing until I create a project.

I currently live in Massachusetts with my wife in a barn we renovated together with a woodpecker named Moose. We just bought classic 35 foot dog-nosed Yellow School Bus. We are documenting our DIY conversion to a Skoolie in 4 minute weekly tv show.


To document the road ahead I have launched The Quivr Show which is a current audio journal of my journey. Co-hosted by my brother, we discuss family, life, business, and the search for our best selves.

Contact me here​.


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