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Key Partnerships

I have a busy lifestyle and I do a lot of different things.

Over the years I have come across brands with teams that not only do I admire and love their product. I also respect how they do business and the change they are trying to make in the world.

I work with these people long term and I'm proud of that.

Tabata Songs - (Since 2017)

Music specifically for Tabata interval workouts. Each Tabata Song tells you when to GO and when to STOP, so you can ignore the clock & timer and focus on your workout.

A creative solution to a simple problem, Tabata Songs was born.


Our YouTube has over 1 million subscribers, and now has more than 270 million views 🤯.


I am Tabata Songs featured athlete and I've curated a playlist of my favourite Tabata Songs workouts.

Chubbies - (Since 2018)

I have been a brand ambassador for Chubbies since 2018.

They were my favourite swim trunks and over the years they developed some incredible workout shorts, golf attire and everyday work gear.

  • 20% off use ASH20 and click here.

WHOOP - (Since 2018)

Whoop is wearable tech that helps me monitor my training and recovery. It has been a big part of my life over the past few years. I especially use it to track my stages of sleep, and my recovery and waking hours have improved dramatically.

My deal with Whoop gives my friends and family:

  • Free Whoop 4.0 strap + free month.

  • Start here for free!

Read my blog post about my journey with Whoop.

PerformaSleep - (Since 2020)

Literally the best mattress, pillow and sheets I've ever used.

  • $135 off use ASHCRAWFORD20 here.

CrossRope (Since 2021)

My go to for indoor cardio. High quality weighted jump ropes. Their new AMP line uses bluetooth to pair with your smartphone app to track a bunch of cool metrics during your workout.

KetoBrainz - (2022)

I'm a big believer in metabolic flexibility and for the most part I've been keto for the past 6 years. Keto Brainz helps me get in, and stay in keto with their range of keto-friendly nootropics.


Read my blog post about why I used a nootropic creamer.



If you would like to open a conversation about partnership, contact me here.

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